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Tokyo Rubber Shooting with Kent Kiuchi



Fashion is quite a broad area. Casual, couture, sexy, sports... It´s super exciting that almost every kind of garment can be made of latex. Since my one and only fetish is WEARING  rubber I never started crafting latex garments myself, except a few masks, but I appreciate all the fashion designers a lot.
Especially my dear Puppi. 
The combination of latex fashion and rubber fetish gives such a great bandwidth for creativity. I never wear latex outfits just for fashion purpose. 
For me the fashion part  has to be connected with the fetish piece always.

That´s why I call it "Heavy-Rubber Fashion". It can be elegant, it can be sexy, it can be ordinary. But it always must contain a certain share of bizarreness! I love this sub-cultural  combination extremely.   

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